Changing of masculinity and femininity in Hong Kong drama

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May 1, 2017 by Memes

A strong and independent masculine figure and a weak and submissive feminine figure is deeply rooted in TV dramas. In recent years, however, TV dramas seem to invert this tradition. There are more intellectual female roles who are highly educated and have high position in career. It forms a different gender role that women are more independent and intellectual, while males can involve domestic work and image of stay-at-home dad who presents a nonthreatening male image, such as taking care of the children.


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There are TV dramas which show the changes towards the gender roles. Take the recent drama Lo And Behold(愛回家之開心速遞) and the long-time-ago drama Just Love (老婆大人) as examples. From the former drama, two female characters named Yuk Sui and Pak Fei, both are 30-year-old above, manifest  ‘working woman’ images. As for the former character, even when she is being with her family, the family is leaded and taken care by her father. And the latter, she is deeply convinced that woman does not need to lead on a man to make her feel complete. Both of them show that romance is not a must to women. On the other hand, the male characters in the drama are different from the traditional images of men. Although Shu Yan is a middle-aged single man, he cannot take good care of himself and always ask for help from his elder brother. Unlike the traditional TV dramas, he represents a weak image that he has to be looked after by his brother.


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In Just Love, the wife Ko Hei Man takes the role of earning money to make a living. And she also commands her husband Kot Kwok Kwong to sign a prenuptial agreement that he has to do all the housework and listen to her. Although he can work, he cannot do anything that influences the family and her. He is also responsible for all the expenses for the family. The male character manifests an image of “stay-at-home dad”. It demonstrates that nowadays the society no longer holds a traditional allocation that only man works and woman stays at home.


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